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Kashmir Crown Baking LLC; better recognized as KCB Bakery or Kashmir Bakery, was founded on the concept of manufacturing and distributing a wide range of authentic tastes from the South Asian region throughout North America and worldwide. KCB is known for its high quality products, wide variety of offerings, and vigorous pursuit of excellence in every facet. KCB offers and specializes in production of a myriad of bakery products, savoury snacks, and sugar confectionaries.  

From its humble beginnings as a distribution firm in the mid 1990's in New York  to its rise and expansion throughout all of North America as a manufacturer/distributer - KCB's traditional manufacturing methods ensure: authenticity, quality, cleanliness, and freshness in each and every product. 

The rapidly growing interest in South Asian cuisine by people from all over the world provides a wide scale opportunity to further develop and increase KCB's product range. 

Although KCB has offered products from within its own South Asian roots, much of KCB's new products are slowly beginning to center on its non-ethnic and growing sector. 

Specialties of such products include: Puff Pastry Sweet, Sweet Bakar Khani (Palmiers), Pound Cakes, Jelly Candies, and Fruit Juices.

Distribution of these delicacies are organized by the companies own logistics fleet throughout all of the United States, supplied via the companies own expansive distribution network. KCB is rapidly extending its geography to cover the whole of North America, one day KCB envisions bringing authentic South Asian tastes to every region of the world.

Kashmir Crown Baking LLC has ambitions aspirations to increase its product range, market share, and create new market niches. While best known for its ethnic offerings, its facilities and capabilities enable aggressive development into new areas, where its invites collaboration with existing and potential new customer.

This ambitious company, strengthened by its powerful fundamental values and vision, aims to become a household name for all desi people throughout North America. KCB will always relentlessly pursue new products to present its customers a satisfying  taste from their homeland. 

- Sajjad Ahmed, KCB USA 



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